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Charity needs Clarity!

Gifts to charity in wills are commonplace, and with the recent change in tax law which allows gifts of 10% or more to qualify the remainder for a reduced rate of tax, they are likely to become more so. However it is also true that mistakes in the wording of such gifts are also commonplace. And that can lead to all sorts of trouble.

by Jeremy Curtis and Rebecca Day

Is down still the new up or have we seen the end of the “Bankers’ Bunkers” boom?

Is this a Titanic moment for basement developments?
Few people will have pounded the pavements of London in the past few years without bumping into a soil-removal conveyor pouring a continuous stream of rubble into an awaiting skip so that a basement can be built to accommodate a swimming pool, cinema room and garage to house the car collection of the resident.

by Christobel Smales

Residential Property Taxes – The Playing Field Levelled?

In its March Budget the Government confirmed it would implement changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax for residential property that had originally been proposed in the Autumn Statement in November 2015.

by Robert Barham

Personal guarantees for business owners – 10 things you should know

As a business owner you may often be asked to give a personal guarantee of the debts or obligations of your company. This request will typically come from a bank or other lender and the guarantee will be presented to you in a “standard” form. But before you sign on the dotted line, what are the key commercial issues you should consider?

by Catherine Hayes

Something else to give landlords sleepless nights?

Over the last year there have been significant changes in the residential lettings world. The industry, it seems, is becoming more and more regulated (despite much of the new legislation appearing in the rather ironically named “Deregulation Act 2015”). The most recent change offers no exception.

by Jocelyn McLeod and Laura Checkley


A VICTORY FOR COMMUNAL GARDENS On 10 February 2015, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea won an important High Court case against Eliterank, a property developer, relating to the development of a light well in a basement excavation that backed onto a communal garden, considered to be one of the most beautiful garden squares […]