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Whether it’s a property that you rarely use or a room in the flat where you live, the attractions of “Air-BnB-style” short-term letting are clear.

by Christine Hereward

Marriage problems

The Tribunal has recently determined (1) how the landlords’ share of the marriage value created on the grant of a new lease of a flat and appurtenant property (in this case Flat 70 and garage space 30, Portman Towers) under the provisions of the 1993 Act is to be divided between Portman as freeholder and Starlight Headlease Limited as headlessee in view of the fact that the flat and appurtenant property were originally held under separate leases.

by Kerry Glanville

Are you energy efficient?

While admittedly the energy efficiency of properties can appear a rather dry topic there have been recent changes which affect both residential and commercial landlords.

by Helen Simmons


The government’s promise to increase the inheritance tax (IHT) allowance to £1million for married couples and civil partners comes into effect next April.

by Louise Sargent

A seller’s guide to preparing for a corporate wrapped property sale

The sale of an SPV is more complex and time consuming than selling a property and so, by preparing your SPV for sale, you may be able to reduce the time spent completing the transaction. This guide sets out some of the key steps to take, and issues to consider, in order to prepare your SPV for sale.

by Catherine Hayes


Charity needs Clarity! Gifts to charity in wills are commonplace, and with the recent change in tax law which allows gifts of 10% or more to qualify the remainder for a reduced rate of tax, they are likely to become more so. However it is also true that mistakes in the wording of such gifts […]