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Considerations when renting out a second home for holiday lets

Charles Mieville, Senior Counsel in the residential transactions team, writes for the Financial Times on points for consideration when renting out a second home for holiday lets, including tax relief, licensing and consents from landlords or lenders.


Court of Appeal decision clarifies rules governing lease extensions

The Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Whitehall Court London v The Crown Estate Commissioners [2018] EWCA Civ 1704 has confirmed the position for the premium payable to extend a lease in relation to the so-called ‘no-Act’ assumption.

Buying your Freehold: The Four Pillars of Leasehold Wisdom

At the forefront of many leaseholders’ minds is the imagined nirvana of buying the freehold of their block of flats, taking control of management and day to day running of the building.

Do you need to think about Non-Resident CGT?

There has been a mini-revolution in recent years in the world of capital gains tax (‘CGT’) with the repudiation of the principle that only those resident in the UK are subject to CGT.


The Irresistable Rise of the Non Banks and Challenger Lenders

Potential rising interest rates, the political climate, the looming threat of Brexit, tighter regulations and increased capital requirements for traditional banks have all resulted in uncertainty.

Service charge issues in the wake of the Grenfell Disaster

No one will forget the horrifying scenes of the blaze that ripped through a tower block in West London in June 2017 which, we are told, was the result of the cladding that the block was encased in.

Can you keep a secret? The law of confidentiality and the role of NDAs

Knowledge is power and is guarded jealously and ever more so in an age where technology has made information, (whether true or not), increasingly accessible and dispensed on an unprecedented scale


Court of Appeal Success for The Crown Estate in Whitehall Court London Limited v The Crown Estate Commissioners (2018)

What is the ambit of the “no Act” assumption as set out in paragraph 3(2)(b) of Schedule 13 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993?


Laura Southgate, a partner in our Real Estate team writes for the Sunday Times

Laura Southgate, a partner in our Real Estate team writes for the Sunday Times


Christobel Smales featured in The Financial Times on Saturday 24 March 2018

Christobel Smales, an associate in the commercial real estate team, was featured in the House & Home supplement of global publication The Financial Times advising on tenant rights in the context of landlord’s works in a tenanted property