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Speed is key to avoid tying yourself in knots over knotweed

With summer approaching, the nation will soon be in bloom again. However there is one perennial, introduced in Victorian times as an ornamental plant, which you will certainly not want to find growing on your land.

by Rosie McCormick-Paice

The new UK register of beneficial owners of overseas entities  – stay one step ahead

As part of its commitment to making the UK’s company and property ownership more transparent, the government proposes to establish a public register which records information about the beneficial ownership of overseas entities that own UK property.

by Catherine Hayes

“We don’t need no Excavation…”

With apologies to Pink Floyd, this article will discuss the increasingly vexed issue of the construction of mega-basements in Central London and the way in which the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (the “Act”) is being used, tactically, to oppose those large-scale projects.

by Laura Southgate

Guardians for your Little Angels

For such an important decision there is surprisingly little guidance. Here then are some points and pointers.

by Laura Regan

Listed Building Consent  – Do I really need it?

There are over 3,800 listed buildings in Kensington and Chelsea alone, 11,000 within Westminster and approximately 376,470 in England – so it’s not surprising that Listed Buildings are a “hot topic” for our clients. It is certainly a privilege to own or live in a listed property, but it can also have its downsides.

by Christine Hereward



Charity needs Clarity! Gifts to charity in wills are commonplace, and with the recent change in tax law which allows gifts of 10% or more to qualify the remainder for a reduced rate of tax, they are likely to become more so. However it is also true that mistakes in the wording of such gifts […]