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Can you keep a secret? The law of confidentiality and the role of NDAs

The English law on confidentiality is arguably more important now that it ever has been.

by Freddie Hunter

Service charge issues in the wake of the Grenfell Disaster

No one will forget the horrifying scenes of the blaze that ripped through a tower block in West London in June 2017 which, we are told, was the result of the cladding that the block was encased in.

by Liberty Chappel

The Irresistable Rise of the Non Banks and Challenger Lenders

Potential rising interest rates, the political climate, the looming threat of Brexit, tighter regulations and increased capital requirements for traditional banks have all resulted in uncertainty. Indeed uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty is all the rage in the UK.

by Ajoy Bose-Mallick

Do you need to think about Non-Resident CGT?

There has been a mini-revolution in recent years in the world of capital gains tax (‘CGT’) with the repudiation of the principle that only those resident in the UK are subject to John Goodchild

Buying your Freehold: The Four Pillars of Leasehold Wisdom

At the forefront of many leaseholders’ minds is the imagined nirvana of buying the freehold of their block of flats, taking control of management and day to day running of the building.

by Anna Favre


Ensuring Insuring is Reasonable… Most landlords of residential property are well aware of the requirement for service charges to be reasonable – that is that the costs are reasonably incurred and the works and services provided are of a reasonable standard. by Laura Southgate Striking the balance – a landlord’s right to redevelop v. a […]


Charity needs Clarity! Gifts to charity in wills are commonplace, and with the recent change in tax law which allows gifts of 10% or more to qualify the remainder for a reduced rate of tax, they are likely to become more so. However it is also true that mistakes in the wording of such gifts […]